Saturday June 21, 2014 from 10 am – 11 am

Followed by our final Open House 11am to 1pm with lots of activities and tasty, healthy snacks. Children’s activities (see Open House notice below) will be available for both the ceremony and the open house. PLEASE RSVP TODAY TO COLETTE AT 613-839-1198 for the retirement ceremony. Please bring pens/paper/journal if you would like. It is not necessary to RSVP for the Open House.

Fortunately, the fire that took “Cowboy” Mike’s home on January 19th didn’t harm anyone or any of his animalsMike Richards Fundraiser. Mike wasn’t home when the fire started and thanks to an alert neighbour, the fire department responded quickly and did a great job. The fire was contained to the home and didn’t spread.

Many of his possessions survived the blaze but are smoke damaged and are now a write off. There is no insurance to pay for rebuilding and a fundraiser is being held on June 6th at the Almonte Civitan Club to support this project. He is also selling part of his property to raise funds.

Mike is well known in the horse community and for his work with the Salvation Army church, many of Ottawa’s shelters and community programs. He does a great deal of work with the homeless, the mentally ill and those who are battling addictions. He helps people get back on their feet and start new lives all the time. Many of the people that Mike has helped are not in a position to offer financial support but they are coming forward with offers to help with labour and materials.

He is also famous for his dancing at locations throughout the Ottawa Valley and will no doubt be dancing up a storm at the Fundraiser on June 6th at the Almonte Civitan Club. ROADHOUSE will be playing all of Mike’s favourite tunes and a huge turnout is expected. His big heart has helped many people and now he needs your help.

Contact or 613-212-5190 for more info and tickets. Community donations and volunteers to help with the event would be welcomed.

Ilka is a Shamanic teacher and Medicine woman who is offering a one year training opportunity starting October 17th 2014 at the Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre in Ottawa. Shamanic healing is a powerful method that has the ability to make direct contact with the soul through shamanic journeying.

This is a life changing experience!
Inscriptions are limited, phone interview is required
Information: 819.320.0311

For more information, please view the PDF Shamanic Training

It’s Wednesday evening and Felix is asleep.  I sit in the kitchen overlooking fruit trees in bloom in the total stillness that precedes a storm and try to pull my words together.

My mind is as fuzzy as a London fog and underground emotions are making my skin crawl.

Up until two weeks ago, I was cheerfully recovering from the prolonged winter healing crisis, regaining lost weight, gardening like a fiend and feeling like a green shoot ready to grow again.  When something changed I didn’t immediately notice it.  It took several days of being emotionally shut down, over-eating constantly, having increased joint and muscle pains and losing my new-found energy to finally force me to pay more attention.  The climax came yesterday when I found myself with a mouthful of dark chocolate and organic whipping cream—now plugging up my left ear, which has gone deaf except for the sound of my heartbeat.  I’m embarrassed, but it’s a little funny…the naturopath drinking whipping cream…grin…

To top it off, I’m still not clear about what caused this downward shift.  There was a lot of family stress and drama recently: a nervous breakdown, hospitalization, fights, a sudden move.  Then I’m feeling anxious about producing a REALLY GOOD referral list and summary of practice tips for my patients when I retire.  Felix is now with me full-time for a while, so my recharge time has disappeared.  And this weekend is the second shamanic course held at my home, which is rather messy.

Yes, that’s more than enough to send me into stress mode: contracted, seeking comfort, withdrawing from people, tired.  It will pass.  Keep talking, don’t pretend to be ok, cut corners to rest, get through by the skin of my teeth and then regroup and feel stronger.  I keep remembering that my physical symptoms are growing pains, not “normal aging” nor a disease and feel SO blessed to have this understanding and the profound hope that it brings.

Felix has been picking up on my stress and acting out to get the heart-felt attention that is missing, having anger fits and accidents, all the while looking forlorn.  Last night he crawled into bed with me and tucked his head into the crook of my neck.  I let him stay.

Now I’m off to bed to read a novel, meditate into the crawling emotions and tap off the hard edges.


Thursday morning, sunny.  My whole body hurts, on the verge of a flu.  Mind is more focussed and clearer today.  The flu feeling is a good thing, means the congestion is breaking up.  My tongue isn’t burning as much as it has been, a sign of digestive stress, and I can hear a little from the left side again.

But I just want to sleep and not have people around me.  The thought of meetings all day and bringing Felix to Taekwondo in the evening bring a heaviness of the spirit.  The shamanic teacher arrives this afternoon and we will find a place to build a sweat lodge and start building it—that will help.  Just keep doing one thing at a time and breathe.  The break will come, the shift will happen again.  And then life will look very different.

happy spring, hah!


Energy medicine is a broad term for therapeutic and diagnostic methods based on subtle energies.

Examples include homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, healing prayer, Reiki, quantum touch, Biotron sensitivity testing, shamanism, Emotional Freedom Technique, crystals, Angel healing and many more.

Research over the years has attempted to prove and disprove the efficacy of energy medicine with a mixture of results. My experience is that energy healing requires deep concentration and results vary according to the healer’s ability to focus at any given time.   Under critical observation it is no wonder that experimental results are not consistent. I used to doubt this realm until experiencing it for myself through quite a few methods.

There are many types of energy structures associated with the human body: acupuncture meridians and points, energy centres along the midline, layers of energies around us and energies associated with different functions, such as digestion, circulation and elimination. Spiritual traditions describe an energy rising along the spine as awareness awakens and an energetic core of bliss and wisdom called the soul.

Depending on their training and equipment, practitioners will assess and treat different aspects of these energetic levels.

The Vedas from India, our most ancient scriptures, teach that our soul accumulates extra layers according to positive and negative actions in our life. These layers, or samskaras, influence subsequent lives in a pattern of cause and effect. The goal according to this system is to peel off these layers in order to manifest our best selves.

The energy healer in our clinic, Jennifer Presley RMT, has the ability to pick up these influences as energy blocks she can see, translate and connect to a person’s current life, integrating knowledge from several traditions. Often it is these blocks which lead to illness and resist healing. Jennifer has seen cases of disease dissipate when the related blocks shift. She receives help from healing Angels to remove negative entities from individuals, commonly followed by a feeling of increased lightness and relief of symptoms.

On the other end of the scale, acupuncture and low dose complex homeopathy, used by many naturopathic doctors, have more of an effect on the physical body. Bach flower remedies work primarily on the emotions and Reiki works by funnelling healing through the practitioner to wherever it is needed. Cindy Fleming offers Reiki at our clinic.

When visiting a psychic, information and advice is channelled from the larger energy field we all share, described in Lynne Taggart’s book The Field, with startling research confirming energy principles that have been used for thousands of years.

When I refer patients to a psychic or energy healer, I remind them that they also have access to this information and will resonate with parts that are useful for them, so to trust their own intuition. The primary reason I refer to psychics is to resolve issues with people who have died, to obtain advice from a higher perspective or to glean information from past lives to help this one.

From what I have seen, good energy healers are competent, honest, respectful, grounded and humble, dedicated to doing their best while acknowledging that the healing comes from beyond them.

As we deepen our understanding of energy healing, more guiding principles will undoubtedly emerge to clarify this realm. In the meantime, we can exercise due diligence and common sense in choosing what is appropriate for our current healing needs as well as developing our own energetic awareness through practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer and chi gong.

Carp Ridge is offering some new types of sensitivity testing. Cindy Fleming BSc, offers these tests to help patients who think they may be experiencing sensitivities to food additives, genetically modified foods or specific carbohydrates.

Here are the lists of what is commonly tested:

Food Additives Test Kit

Genetically Modified Foods Test Kit

Specific Carbohydrate Foods Test Kit

For an appointment with Cindy or for more info, please call reception at 613-839-1198.

MLS is # 908403


This workshop is specifically for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

When: Part 1 Friday June 20

             Part 2 Friday June 27, 2014

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Where: Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre

1500 Alta Vista Drive

For more info: Navigation Lessons Workshop Flyer

Saturday, June 21, 10-11am Followed by an Open House 11am to 1pm with lots of activities and tasty, healthy snacks. Children’s activities will be available for both the ceremony and the open house. Please RSVP by Monday, June 16 for the retirement ceremony, but come anyway if you forget. No need to bring anything, just yourself! It is not necessary to RSVP for the Open House.


Winterized cottage in a field. .97acre, private, 4 minutes from 417 at Carp RD. 2+1 bedrooms, 1 bath, open concept kitchen and living room. 3 season sun room, office. Wood stove with electric baseboard. Priced to sell $279.000.00 613-836-8994.

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